Terraphilia is a project that focuses on the issue of invasive species and ecology. I designed, illustrated and exhibited the project for my senior thesis at the University of Michigan.


To those who live in developed areas, nature has become a place that is not integrated in our everyday lives. It has become an otherworldly place that is seen as an escape rather than apart of us. In a time in which it is vital to maintain and conserve our planet if we care to live on it, we must be constantly reminded of our environments and what part we have had in their gradual demise. Through pattern-making, Terraphilia explores the existence of invasive species and the detrimental effects they have on the ecosystems in which they are introduced. By displaying these patterns on décor, like wallpaper, Terraphilia asks the question– can constant exposure to the natural world cause you to care more?

You can read my written thesis in full below.