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As part of an entrepreneurship course I took in 2017, I worked on creating brand consistency with a group of students for a company called Detroit Sip. I worked with my Art & Design peers as well as law and business students.

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about detroit sip

Detroit Sip was founded by Detroit native Jevona Watson in January 2016. Jevona envisioned a coffee shop that could enliven and unite the surrounding community which includes two colleges equidistant to the shop, as well as home owners. The shop often acts as a cafe by day and an event space by night.


We set out to identify problems that we could help Jevona solve in order to make Detroit Sip a visually cohesive in terms of the actual location of the shop in addition to the shop's online presence. We broke up into subgroups that we identified as: social media, interior/exterior space, and website.


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To start, we, as a whole Design group, developed a basic color palette and set of typography that could be used throughout the branding. Because the logo was existing and negotiable, we wanted the complementary text to complement the graffiti/street like feel it evoked. To accomplish this, we developed a custom font that is much more inviting than the more rigid Avenir or Montserrat that could be used in more professional texts. 

Social media

As I was part of the social media subgroup, we decided to try to create a plan that would help Jevona to create content that would be cohesive and sustainable. Jevona's social media presence exists on Facebook and Instagram and was heavy with unoriginal images found on Google. We amended this by creating a color palette, a set of icons, and a bank of hand-lettered phrases, as Jevona loves quotes. 

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To start her off, we generated a number of potential images with these phrases on them to be posted to Instagram, including a handful to post leading up to the date of Detroit Sip grand opening. 

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For Facebook, I created several banners to post before and after the grand opening. 

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This branding translated to the website, which can be found here.